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Websense Hosted Web Security – Websense SaaS  customers gain all the benefits of market-leading Web security, while eliminating the need to deploy and support on-premise servers.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional Web  security services without the cost and complexity of on-premise equipment
  • Full policy controls retained via highly available cloud-based management and reporting
  • Unifed Web and email security dashboard, reporting, and management lowers administrative costs while delivering better protection against blended threats

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Websense Web Security solutions are the market’s leading Web security filtering solutions. A database of over 90 customizable Web categories, including constantly updated security categories, enables organizations worldwide to manage acceptable use policy and block access to sites associated with spyware, phishing, keylogging, and other threats.  Websense Web Security solutions provide organizations of every size with the core defense needed to limit access to sites with malware and increase employee productivity.

Websense Web Security solutions offer:

* Dynamic Protection against Web Malware – Constant ThreatSeeker® Network cloud-based security intelligence updates block access to pages known to host Web exploits.
* Employee Productivity – Over 90 customizable Web content categories and advanced application controls enable highly granular acceptable use policies.
* Flexible Deployment –On-premise software and SaaS deployment options can be flexibly deployed to meet specific operational and cost requirements.
* Simple, scalable management – The Web Security solutions centralized management architecture scales from the small single-site business to the large Fortune 100 distributed enterprise.     

* Market-leading Web filtering with constantly updated security categories
* Flexible Security-as-a-Service(SaaS) and on-premise deployment
* Advanced control of network protocols and applications
* Simple, scalable management






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