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Ever lost or found a USB stick?
What if that USB pen drive contained sensitive personal information, corporate secrets, blueprints, documents - or even perhaps passwords and bank account numbers?   

Available in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128Gb (On Request)
SafeStick provides 100% hardware encryption of all data.  - Buy Online

includes password reset, device management, password policy, auditing logging and device management.

Key Features:
  • LATEST NEWS - SafeStick receives the UK Government and Public Sector CESG / CCTM (Claims Tested Mark).    "This represents a welcome first for CCTM to list a certificated USB Flash Drive product", says Peter Hayes, Head of the CCTM Secretariat. Read More
  • All data stored on a SafeStick is fully and totally encrypted to military grade AES 256 bit Government encryption standards, via an on-board, non-bypassable security processor.
  • Simply "Plug-and-Work". Plug in a SafeStick and choose / enter your password.  Data is now 100% encrypted automatically.
  • Employee lost a stick?  No problem, use SafeConsole to kill the stick so no one else can use it. Perhaps also set a custom message advising the finder where to return it...
  • User forget their password?   SafeConsole allows you to perform remote password reset via challenge/response.  Password reset is a totally secure, certificate based password recovery mechanism - it is NOT a backdoor or replayable. There are no backdoor passwords in SafeStick.
  • Employee left the company?  Not a problem, disable their Account in AD and SafeConsole will automatically disable all of their SafeSticks.
  • SafeStick is used by the UK National Health Service (NHS) to protect portable data for more than 100,000 employees. <more>
  • Using SafeConsole management application, SafeStick can be integrated directly into Windows Active Directory for setting different security policies based on a users AD group membership!   
  • SafeStick is undergoing FIPS 140 testing - however regular SafeStick provides more protection than this baseline accreditation! <more from NIST website>     SafeStick already features FIPS 197 encryption certification. See #825 on the FIPS website.    Sticks which claim FIPS 140-2 basline alone have been hacked <more>.
  • Unique file blocker / anti-malware / anti-virus / Conficker protection.  Filter content which can be stored on SafeStick by type.  For example allow PDF's but deny EXE's or MP3.


  • SafeStick is a very, very small form factor - so you can plug other devices into other close by USB ports.
  • Use SafeStick as an authentication token!  With seamless integration with Deepnet MobileID, you can quickly and easily deploy 2-factor authentication for Windows Logon, Outlook Web Access, VPN.
  • Zero chance of forgetting to encrypt data copied to or from the stick. In the event of loss or theft data is 100% secure. See a list of company's who wish they had encrypted their data.  
  • NO software to install, manage or configure on any PC. Watch the Demo.
  • Very tough, very durable, waterproof, heat resistant, crush proof.  We have washed them, rolled over them with a car, heated them with a blow torch, hit them with sledgehammers, and covered them in grinder sparks!  Watch the Destruction Videos.
  • So why choose a hardware encrypted SafeStick over a cheaper software encrypted or simple password protected device such as some models offered by Kingston, Hypetec, Integral, Sandisk, Lexar and others?  Simple. 100% Security.  Read whitepaper on the weaknesses of software only USB security.  Also the McAfee MXI stick has been cracked.
  • Unique, customisable "Brute Force" attack protection.  Enter the wrong password too many times (customisable of course!) and you will be advised that one more wrong attempt will lock the stick and/or completely wipe the data.
  • All files copied to or from SafeStick can be backed up, as well as audited / logged via SafeConsole - including user, computer and IP address.
  • A unique, user configurable time-out / lockout policy is available.  Forget your stick in a PC? It will automatically lock after a customisable period of time.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Mac OSX and through VMware - Linux. Native UNIX support coming very soon.
  • For over 200 units, SafeSticks can be engraved with your company logo, phone number or message.
  • Sophos Endpoint Device Control natively detects SafeStick. <more>
  • CryptoCard Authentication natively supports SafeStick for use as an authentication token. <more>
  • Eco friendly and meets international standards for recycling.

Need more information? Contact or call 0161 439 4500

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